Tactile Ground Surface Indicator Division

We are proud to announce that Slipsafe has introduced a comprehensive range of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI’s)

Our range of product encompasses high quality plastic TGSI’s as a base product through to premium 316 stainless steel designed to enhance your project and provide a safer environment for the visually impaired, all Slipsafe TGSI’s comply with AS/NZS 1428.4 (2002) are UV stable and subject to selection of base materials Slipsafe TGSI’s are suitable for use in all environments.

Our flagship product is of course the 316 stainless bullet, these are available in flat, stemmed, or countersunk, each bullet has its own application as described in the enclosed information.

Slipsafe TGSI’s are available through our existing network of Slipsafe operators or through our dedicated Tactile division at Head Office in Queensland, we have specialist personnel to advise you on the requirements of Tactile placement in line with AS/NZS 1428.4 (2004) or we can work with you to determine your needs in order to comply with BCA requirements with reference to AS/NZS 1428.4 (2002).

The Slipsafe range of TGSI’s can be utilised in both indoor and outdoor situations, we have warning/hazard (buttons) directional (strips) for all uses, a flat 300 x 300 tile which is designed for self installation is also available.

A full installation service is provided in all areas where we have representation, areas outside our serviced areas are also catered for as required on a rotational system from the nearest operator/installer.

A range of designs is shown herein for your reference, we specialise in stainless steel bullets in our product range. We offer a choice of full service including installation by fully trained Slipsafe personnel or a supply only service for self installation

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Stemless: Flat Underside

Designed for hard surfaces that cannot be drilled, eg glass, metals, porcelain, ceramics and tiles..

This SLIPSAFE TACTILE is a highly polished, high grade stainless steel button, laid in a grid pattern using quality 2 part epoxy resin.


Stemmed – 12mm long x 5mm diameter stem on underside

Designed for use on easily drilled surfaces, eg timber, vinyl, rubber,
masonry and concrete.

This SLIPSAFE TACTILE is a highly polished, high grade stainless steel button, requiring drilling of 5mm hole in grid pattern into surface, then attach with a quality 2 part epoxy resin ensuring permanent, safe attachment on these surfaces.


Countersunk: hole in centre for stainless steel screw.

Designed for surfaces easily drilled, eg vinyl, rubber, concrete, stone, timber or carpeted surfaces.

This SLIPSAFE TACTILE requires an 8mm hole drilled into surface in a grid pattern and attached using the supplied masonry plugs and high quality stainless steel screws.


coming soon
Tactile Plates

Tactile plates – 300mm x 300mm permanently welded buttons on a stainless steel plate. Designed for – Escalators, metal or carpeted surfaces.

These SLIPSAFE TACTILE PLATES provide obvious ease of installation using 2 part epoxy resin. The buttons are the same highly polished, high grade as the single product.


SLIPSAFE TACTILES are manufactured for design professionals who wish to use a quality product on their superior project surfaces that also complies with the Australian Standards. We can customize a solution for your individual requirements using our highly polished 35mm high grade stainless steel

SLIPSAFE TACTILE or similar products which will ensure you meet both your legal and design requirements on all projects.

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